Hibbing High School Ghost

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Frank Hibbing founded the town of Hibbing, Minnesota in 1893. Mr. Hibbing recognized the region was rich in iron. People began pouring into the area for the jobs that the mining companies were providing. In 1893 a two square mile town site was laid out and given the name Superior. Less than 15 years later, the town changed its name to Hibbing. In 1919 the town relocated and got a high school for their efforts. Today, that high school has produced many experiences within the auditorium involving a Hibbing High School ghost.

Frank Hibbing was right, there were rich iron deposits all over Hibbing and the Oliver Mining Company wanted the iron ore under North Hibbing. So from 1919 to 1921, the people of Hibbing moved their town (nearly 200 structures) 2 miles south to allow for an ever-growing open mine pit.

To make the move more appealing to the town and the ever-increasing immigrant workforce’s desire for their children’s education, the Oliver Mining Company built a high school for the town. Not just any high school though, the total cost would be $3.9 million and in 2013 terms that would be the equivalent to $54.5 million.

Arguably the main attraction to the school is the extravagantly decorated 1800 seat auditorium. The design of the auditorium copied the Capitol Theatre in New York. It includes hand molded ceilings, Imported Belgium cut glass chandeliers of crystal that in 1923 cost $15,000 a piece, 1800 velvet seats and a Barton pipe organ (only two exist in the U.S.) that has over 1900 pipes that will play any orchestra instrument except the violin. The Hibbing auditorium not only held school plays but also symphony orchestras and even vaudeville acts.

Hibbing High school can also claim two famous alumni’s, Kevin McHale of the Boston Celtics and singer songwriter Bob Dylan. After a few pictures published by then stage manager Chuck Perry, you can add the Hibbing High School ghost as a famous alum as well.

Like all ghost stories, it is hard to distinguish between fact and folklore. Some of the ghost stories from Hibbing High School include Bill, the first stage manager’s death, a chandelier falling on a person sitting in the auditorium, a student in a wheelchair with health problems passing away in the auditorium and someone falling to their death from the balcony. The were two stories that verified, the story of the student in the wheelchair unfortunately as well as Bill dying in 1940.

After showing a psychic the auditorium one day, she told Chuck she felt a cold chill and specifically talked about seat J47. Chuck didn’t give it much credence until seeing a showHibbing High School Ghost involving people trying to get ghost pictures. He thought why not try it, so he set up an old Polaroid camera from the backstage on a tripod facing J47. The most interesting picture he got is the translucent looking man in the picture to the right.

According to Perry;

“I took a few pictures, and basically nothing happened. I tried it a few more times and took about 50 pictures total. Six of them came out with something in them.”

Beside the 6 pictures, other people have experienced the Hibbing High School ghosts. In the 1970’s a woman was getting makeup done back stage in one of the dressing rooms. On several occasions someone walked in the room in costume according to the woman. When she looked up to acknowledge them, they were gone.

A janitor tells a story about hearing footsteps and someone entering classrooms as he was cleaning up one evening. He turned around to check and no one was there. When he returned to working, the footsteps could be heard again.

So are the stories behind the Hibbing High School ghost real? There will always be skeptics along with those that believe. What do you say? Have you experienced anything paranormal while attending Hibbing High School? Let us know in the comments below.

2 Comments to “Hibbing High School Ghost”

  1. Derrick says:

    I also go to HHS. My friend (we are both in drama) He is graduating this year had a very strange experience. He was sitting doing his makeup when someone walked in… Being new he did not know who it was and said hi. He turned to look at him more directly and he disappeared.

    I didn’t really believe in J47 until now… the pictures do seem a bit fishy but maybe they are real. You never really know do you?

  2. Jenna says:

    I was at a play there in 6th grade and I got j47 and it was cold and I looked on stage and I saw a figure poke it’s head out the side curtain and disappeared and nobody believes me that Hibbing auditorium is haunted.